Rally in Manassas

On September 14th, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders stopped in Manassas, VA to speak to a massive gathering of 8,000 people, including myself.  During his speech, he spelled out the policies that embody his platform, of which include income redistribution, immigration reform, and energy reform.  Although I am politicized myself, I typically do not agree with the vast majority of representatives that work within the walls of Capitol Hill.  Nevertheless, candidate Sanders has truly instilled a sense of hope in me towards our current political system.

The most awe inspiring aspect of Sanders is undoubtedly his dedication to sustainability, in terms of both the environment and economic justice.  His egalitarian principles not only make sense but also combat the negative effects of capitalism in the modern world.  Although other candidates may support higher taxes on the rich and breaking up the major banks, Sanders is the only notable candidate to resist support from the billionaire class.  While Clinton must appease her Super Pac, Sanders is only funded by individual Americans, meaning his policies are not in danger of being altered by power threats.

Now, why am I blatantly endorsing Sanders in an LLC blog post?  Well here is the true testament to Sander’s policies.  He cares about the environment and directly speaks out against the source of ecological destruction.  When we talk about the environment in the classroom, we cannot forget to mention the politics of the issues.  The most proficient and effective way to truly rewind the negative effects of capitalism on the environment is through heavy regulation of corporations.  Sanders is the only candidate to openly criticize the damaging effects of the corporate realm.  It is through corporate regulation that we will see the most profound revival of the world’s ecosystems.

Even if members of the LLC are not politicized or engaged, it is a duty for them to vote if they truly care about the environment, especially since the enemies of Sanders, both Democratic and Republican, are not dedicated nearly enough to support massive environmental reform.  For example, not one single republican candidate acknowledges the fact that we need fast and efficient climate change policies now.  Some candidates, including Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee, downright call climate change a hoax; of course, Ted Cruz has received 15 million dollars from the Koch brothers.  If we desire change, if we desire a better world for ourselves and our children then we must engage ourselves with the current system.  We must criticize, raise our voices and our fists, and stand as one for the sake of the environment.



  1. rogerwleblanc · September 30, 2015

    Joey, I have always been inspired by your commitment to your values seen by your active involvement in political rallies and protests. I sure hope that Bernie’s critique of corporate power and inaction of wealth inequality + climate change bring many much needed changes to the US. I am excited to hear more of your thoughts on the current election throughout the year – I am glad you can be a voice for it in the LLC. Continue to let us know ways we can be more involved. Great job on your blog! – Roger


    • joeylfoster · October 6, 2015

      Thanks Roger!!


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