Assateague Island

This was my second time on the Assateague trip. Same place, different people, and different feelings. On September 18th, we went to the island one night before the volunteering workday. The most remarkable thing is the clear sky. Without glasses, I still could see the blurring and shining stars! Ryan told us the Milky Way, which looks like a hazy band across the sky! It is so beautiful! I have never see a Milky Way ever. I was surprised that I still could see the lights without glasses that I started to think about the air pollution in Beijing in the earlier years. Thankfully, it is way much better now based on the pictures of Beijing from my dad.

On the second day there, we got up pretty early in order to see the sunrise. We saw three ponies walking by the beach with the sunrise. It was my first time sees the sunrise, and it was THE memorable view in my life. I had a special feeling of be matched because my Chinese name means the sunrise. On the beach, there are some empty big shells. I learned those are from the horseshoe crabs. They have been living on the Earth for 450 million years ago, and they have been considering as the living fossil. Those empty shells are not dead; conversely, they are the continuity of life. When they mature by increasing body size, they shed the old shell and form a new one. It is gratified they are still alive, which represents the bay provides a good living condition for these crabs and other creatures in the ocean.

Back to the Assateague Island, one goal of ours is keeping building up the sand fences to avoid the increasing water level and the dunes ruin the beach. Since I did the similar work last year, I feel more comfortable with work and enjoy the time there even more. Although, I was hammering the nails little bit slow at the beginning, but I picked up the skills back quickly. At the end of the trip, we paddled the board in the number one Maryland Bay, and we caught some little living creatures. These are important for people who have not start to realize the important of protecting our environment. The longer time people spend their time with the nature; they build up a stronger relationship with the environment, so that they will grow the protection consciousness. This trip is a good start to anyone who loves the beach to grow their environmental knowledge and consciousness.


One comment

  1. rogerwleblanc · September 30, 2015

    Xiaoxia, I am very happy that you had a great experience at Assateague this year. I love how you shared what you learned about horseshoe crabs, and how you connected your sustainability learning here to things you have observed in China. You were a huge help during the service trip, and your leadership and perspectives are so valuable. The LLC is lucky to have your ambitious and positive attitude to inspire us. – Roger


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