Assateague Island: Round One

I want to say around four weeks ago I recieved an email pertaining to a camping trip to a place called Assateague Island. Before going to in depth on research I signed up to attend. It was a spur of the moment, and it was completely worth it. At first i will admit I was slightly hesitant but knew there was an enjoyable opportunity waiting ahead. After I signed up I then chose to do some research on this wonderful place that I would soon be camping at and completing a service project for.

In my research I gathered information about the wild horses, the wonderful camping grounds, the cleanliness of this national park, and the reviews of tourists and returning families. I had heard of Assateague Island through my Mom but never thought I would randomly receive the opportunity to go camping all while learning about the island’s natural habitants. I was excited to get this opportunity and will fill you in on my experience and thoughts on the trip!

I love the idea of camping, it’s getting away with limited “things” which is what everyone really needs from time to time…or even perhaps all the time. It’s so easy to get caught up in having things that we can forget that you don’t need many things to have a good experience somewhere or even just great moments. With Asateague being a popular camping site it somehow remains beautiful even with all who come through it, which is what stood out to me the most. Seeing that camping is very popular and Ocean City is about 8 miles up the way..(thank you Ranger Adam), I would think pollution could be a more evident problem. It seems that all who visit are very conscious of what they bring and disposing of it properly. I know our group would of course be mindful everywhere we go, but it’s nice to step onto a national ground and see that there are other fellow campers/visitors being mindful of keeping the area naturally well.

The experience was more than just camping, and seeing wild horses…which both are wonderful experiences. But what was most fulfilling on this trip was getting to be a part in building fences on the dunes. Not everyday does someone even get to stand on top of the dunes so I already felt pretty grateful for that opportunity. It was a great experience to install the fences and learn what the purpose behind it was. I was’t aware that placing the fences on the top of the dunes would essentially help the dunes get taller, which ends up providing protection to the campgrounds, and helps keep the devision between the bay and the shore.

Leaving this camping trip left me informed and positive. It made me realize more that sometimes giving back or giving a helping hand can come with an internal reward. I am hopeful in returning to Assateague Island, and so thankful to have learned all I did!

Woohoo for the first blog post!

-Meghan Noble



  1. rogerwleblanc · September 30, 2015

    Meghan, I am thrilled you were able to take advantage of this trip. Your comments on light pollution, separating ourselves from things we don’t need, and the importance of giving back to the park service are very insightful. I appreciated your positivity and awesome contributions to reflection that weekend as well. I am glad you are enjoying the experience. – Roger


  2. aglenn6 · October 6, 2015

    Hey Meghan, I loved camping with you at Assetagute and it was so great to get to know you better, as well. I agree completely. When you’re in nature, you don’t need a schedule or a clock. You operate on your time and you take things as they come. Can’t wait to go back to Assateague with you again sometime next year! 🙂


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