LLC Class

My understanding of sustainability has grown just by going to our LLC class. Before, I thought sustainability only pertained to long-term solutions for making the earth last a little longer, like recycling and turning off lights. But in the classes I realized there are a plethora of ways to be sustainable, in both short-term and long-term goals. For example, some of the topics discussed were e-waste, gardening, green dorms/offices, and energy conservation. What was really neat in class was breaking up into groups and doing activities that focus on the topic we chose. And we did this yet again choosing another group which we will research more sustainable topic. So just knowing there are many topics that this campus and student can be a part of raised my understanding of sustainability.
Oher ways through the class I gained knowledge on how to be sustainable is through the in class field trips. For instance, the class went to the Innovation Food Forest and learned that gardening is a long-term effort in being a sustainable human being. Being a couple years into the project and the forest still not completely off the ground and running shows that there is are processes one has to go through in order to create something so wide spread. The hopes and dreams of the Innovation Food Forest is to feed the animals, feed students and faculty, and to use the land in a more efficient way. During the field trip to this forest we also learned how to create a project this big and still be sustainable. For example, the logs and woodchips all came from a tree that had fallen during a bad storm. Instead of wasting the tree, they were able to reuse it to benefit the food forest. The group was also able to get rocks and more landscaping from donators so again the idea of being sustainable while working on a sustainable project. And all of this opened my eyes to the idea of being sustainable to not only the earth but other organisms around me. It also showed me that there are many efforts being made here on campus like other gardens, that may take more time and work but the end result will be something beautiful that can be shared with the whole student body.
Overall, the just taking this sustainable class has made me a more sustainable person and has brought attention to the fact that being sustainable can be shown in many different ways.


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  1. rogerwleblanc · September 30, 2015

    Eryn, thanks for a great blog post. You did a nice job of tracking how your definition of sustainability has changed since you come to Mason. I am glad you are learning many new things through the LLC class visits. I know with your event skills you are gaining through PAC, and your sustainability interest, you will be a great leader for campus with the events you put on through your project group. Glad to have you in the LLC this year. – Roger

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