No one likes your butts everywhere!

Since I have gotten to GMU, I have noticed a large amount of cigarette butts on the ground and not in the proper disposal bins. They have been on the sidewalk, in the grass, and even in the rain garden. Seeing all the cigarette butts everywhere just shows how lazy people are to go a few feet to dispose of them. I just want to go one day without seeing a single cigarette butt on the ground but it will take a lot of work in my opinion. I plan to bring awareness to this problem while I am in my waste management group. If awareness is brought to this, people will start to notice cigarette butts and hopefully become as disgusted as I am. What we are going to do is go around campus and collect cigarette butts that are in the ground and put them in plastic bags. We then plan to take all of them to north plaza and pile them up or create a giant cigarette to show people how many cigarette butts do not make it to the proper disposal bins. If we have people just throwing cigarette butts on the ground and not in the proper bins, there is the risk of burning down gardens, trees, or even buildings. If we had that happen then we could possibly lose healthy food for campus and would have to spend money to buy packaged food. Not properly disposing cigarette butts can have a big effect on the world, some people just do not know that. I just want people to see that there is a easier way to solve this problem, and its to walk 2 feet to the cigarette butts bin. This can be a much more safer and a cleaner solution in my opinion.

A reason why I think there are so many cigarette butts on the ground is because people are in college. They are away from their parents and do not have any rules to follow. Students do not have to hide when they are smoking because they are, in their eyes, free from consequences. Little do they know that when they are throwing those cigarette butts on the ground, they are killing the ecosystem slowly but surely. To conclude, I just want to bring awareness of this huge problem and to clean up George Mason University one cigarette butt at a time.



  1. rogerwleblanc · September 30, 2015

    Zach, this is a great blog post. I love how you connected your observations around campus to potential goals for your waste management project. I also appreciate you theorizing about why people may be doing what they are doing. These barriers are important to understand when doing a sustainability behavior change campaign. This is a big health/environmental issue on campus and I am excited to see what your leadership brings to the conversation.


  2. aheaney15 · September 30, 2015

    This is a fantastic point. I love how you are so enthusiastic about the idea of us fixing it too. It’s always great when someone gives a plan for the problem while addressing the problem. I also really like how you inferred a legitimate reason as to why the cigarette butts are everywhere. I also appreciate the enthusiasm.


  3. hwichaz · October 4, 2015

    This is a great post Zach, you are very enthusiastic about this topic. Especially when we where meeting for our waste management group and I look forward to working with you on this when the day comes.

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  4. hwichaz · October 4, 2015



  5. aimeecastil7 · October 5, 2015

    I like your enthusiasm Zack! I fully support your campaign to end cigarette butt waste on-campus because it is really annoying seeing them everywhere. I suggest that you can do the North Plaza activity during April/Earth Month since it’ll be warmer and a great time to show students on-campus how you feel about the butts laying on the ground.


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