The Impact of Recycling in Marion County, Ohio and Surrounding Counties

This year, I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Angela Carbetta, leader of many environmental projects and the same person that hired me to be Lucky the Ladybug during an event at the Marion County Visitor Bureau. Angela has inspired me to better my life and the lives of others around me through increasing my efforts to better the Earth. I did this by simply encouraging others to recycle. It amazes me how many people still do not recycle! It also amazes me how people can just sit back and do nothing. Anyway, Angela is the director of Marion County Recycling and Litter Prevention and has been the head of Marion’s Eco-Arts Festival, which occurs every October. The festival features many items that are made out of ordinary household items that were not recycled. In a way, they are ultimately recycled as a result of this artwork. Angela has placed recycling hoppers at very important strategic locations throughout the region in Marion, Delaware, Knox, and Morrow Counties. There are four hoppers in Marion County placed at Ridgedale, River Valley, and Pleasant High School and in the village of New Bloomington. She indirectly inspired me to create my club, the Environmentalists Club at Ridgedale, my high school. I created it in the seventh grade. At its peak, the club had over 40 members with five members a part of the administration. As President, I led many efforts at Ridgedale, such as the planting of new trees on our unused practice fields, starting composting, creating gardens, and working with the Ridgedale Leo Club with the Adopt-A-Highway program. Due to administrative conflicts, I had to disband the club. As a member of the Ridgedale Leo Club, I led projects, such as eye glass and battery recycling. For many years, I was looked up to by many people for my leadership skills and knowledge. Saving the Earth has been something I have been very passionate about. For a very long time, my parents never recycled, and when I asked them why, they said “It is too much work.” I think that is the problem that many people have today. They all think that recycling is a lot of work. While yes, there are some things that you need to make sure you are doing, it does not take up a lot of time to just take a water bottle and put it in the receptacle.



  1. rogerwleblanc · September 30, 2015

    Dominic, it’s great to hear about your leadership for environmental issues in your community back home. Mason could certainly use your help building up environmental consciousness here on campus. I am excited to work with you on that through your energy project. Your description of the artwork made of what would have been trash reminded me of the projects that the Up-Cycycling club are working on. Emily is very involved with them – ask her about this and join in if you are interested. Great job! – Roger


  2. lessthan3emily · October 4, 2015

    Dominic! This reminds me of my own sustainability origin story.. I led my own environmental club in high school, but it’s so impressive that you started it in middle school and already had that idea of being eco-conscious at school! I was part of my high school’s LEO club as well! We had a lot of joint members within the two clubs (a lot of people in my school didn’t get the idea of service and civic engagement). But we teamed up to do Adopt-A-Highway events and eye glass recycling too! In my high school, the big things our club focused on was department recycling which is where we actually took the recycling ourselves from the recycling bins in the school and sorted it since it was highly suspected that the custodial staff just threw it out at the end of the day. We also made the first garden on the premises also, which was a huge feat! Since then, I have heard that they have started a small compost for the garden, but not a school-wide one. I was always kind of discouraged when seeing my classmates’ lack of care for the environment but since coming to Mason, I’m glad I’ve connected to other students who care so passionately about it and willing to take action 🙂 And let me know if you’d be interested in Upcycling club! Go green Rockets!

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  3. Jessica · October 6, 2015

    You are a cool guy for starting your own club Dominic, right on. It is unfortunate that it could not continue, but maybe you could start something new here at George Mason. You are a great leader and would be interesting to see what kind of new ideas you could bring to this school that would educate and give people the opportunity to make a positive change. I also don’t understand how some people can stand by and do nothing, not even a simple thing like recycling; it takes almost no effort. My town just starting collecting recyclables a couple years ago and I was so glad when they did. It is cool that you have some opportunities and important people to talk to about environmental sustainability where you are from; I am from a small town and there is not a lot of emphasis about things like that, but maybe I could start to change that by implementing new ideas like you did at your school. You are awesome Dominic!


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