Toothpaste in Pills!!

Last semester, I ordered toothpaste in pills. I bought it on and I was not aware it even existed until I saw them on the website.
It is presented in a pretty little cardboard box that hides the 40 pellets of “Toothy Tabs.” The main reason I purchased Toothy Tabs? The tabs are packaged in a little box made recycled cardboard which helps participate in the plastic packaging reduction or aluminum thrown in mass. There is also no waste since no toothpaste gets stuck inside the packaging so there is no waste. It is fully recyclable and allows the pellets to conserve moisture. As this box does not take space and that it is still a little resistant to blow, it can easily be transported safely and is very travel friendly. The opening of this box works like those of matches: just push one side to break through the pre-cut hole and dropping a pellet in hand.
I bought the”Chou Chou…I Love You” toothy tabs. They are handmade, like all lush products, and I even had the name of the person who made them inside the box( Hi Oscar, if you are reading this!) The toothpaste is a small tab of sand color that must be put in mouth and then chewed. Then the user just brushes and foam will form. The tabs I picked smelled and tasted mainly like roses, but there was some lemon in it. It’s a pretty girly scent. Besides these three ingredients, these tablets also contain baking soda and cream of tartar, and kaolin which are the cleaning ingredients.
As it is marked on the package: just chew a tab and start brushing your teeth to create a fine mousse and it taste very nice, in my humble opinion. It’s a little sweet indeed! This Toothy Tab has a somewhat gritty, grainy which is pretty special to have in your mouth. Do not chew too much because it gets a little uncomfortable, as if chewing sand. I do not mind it at all but that is not the case for everyone. Once rinsed, the teeth are incredibly smooth thanks to the fine exfoliating particles in the tabs!The breath is fresh but not minty. After many uses, one can notice a significant whitening effect on the teeth which is a very good point!
In conclusion, I will never buy toothpaste again! I completely converted to Toothy Tabs and looking forward to finish this package to try another scent. It’s easy and fun to use, it tastes good and it whitens teeth! That’s all I ask. 40 tablets costs $ 4.95 which is cheap for once and that’s just fine.



  1. rogerwleblanc · September 30, 2015

    Eclair, thanks for an awesome blog post. I had never heard about this before! I appreciate that you wrote about individual sustainability, and the importance of putting our dollars towards companies whose practices we support as sustainability advocates. It’s important that we reduce waste in our own lives while we promote it to others, and this is a good example. 🙂 – Roger

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    • cbagmu · October 5, 2015

      Hey Roger!
      I think it is super important to support companies that go the extra mile to make sure their business is sustainable so lush is definitely a good option. Also, I recently discovered that a lot of their products are handmade in the U.K and they will mention the name of the person who made them on the box!


  2. kelpea · October 4, 2015

    I never know that was a thing! I think it puts a new perspective on things because just when I think I know how much waste I create, I always find something new. Especially, for toiletries. I am an accredited make-up junkie and love smelling good. So if you consider how much waste is created from every single eyeshadow case I’ve used, or every perfume bottle I’ve chunked in the trash, it really does add up. I think it would be interesting to do an experiment on teenage girls to see how much waste they create by the time they turn 60 solely from cosmetics. It would also push cosmetic companies to focus not only on stopping animal cruelty, but also on other ways their product alters the environment.

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    • cbagmu · October 5, 2015

      I am myself a make up junkie and recently started putting money towards more plant-based makeup and natural skincare. It’s really hard to find products like that but you can always start by buying makeup that is cruelty free. also, I really like the idea of actually doing an experiment about how much make up is wasteful. Thanks for your comment!


  3. xiaoxiazzzzz · October 6, 2015

    I LOVE YOUR POST! Same with other people, I had never heard about the toothy tabs before. Using toothy tab is way much convenient than the toothpaste tube, and they are smaller comparatively. As you said, the paper containers are recyclable, so more sustainable products on the market. I am surprised about this toothpaste innovation and it is applicable for people’s life with low prices. I would like to try these products and promote suitable ideas to friends by this chance. Hope to see this type of products will be known and purchase by more people, because there are many businesses put too much attentions on wrapping and unnecessary packing.


  4. eryelli · October 6, 2015

    I love that you shared this with us! It is very interesting and at first I wasn’t sure how this connected to being sustainable but once you said the reason you bought it was because of the recycle box and less waste, it all clicked. This is a great idea and I cannot believe it hasn’t been main streamed yet. It is a very green product that can easily be incorporated into everyday use. Unlike recycling bin that are just there and people tend to ignore them, these tooth paste pellets are essential to daily hygiene and I know everyone would use them. This is a product that definitely needs to be promoted and your description was so adorable. Great post! And cool topic


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