2nd Post-Mason Spirit Magazine

From last blog post until this time, the most memorable thing is the photography invitation from the Mason Spirit Magazine. I got the email from Colleen K. Rich, editorial director for the Magazine at first. I was recommended by Janna Fryman, the Living Learning Communities, Program Coordinator. About the LLC, I am definitely not the one who knows about this LLC the most about everything, but I really do appreciate this opportunity.

Back to the first year when I got here at Mason, I was involved in the ACCESS Program, but I had no idea it is a LLC. Until the second the year, I met Roger at the Eisenhower Hall, and he explained the LLC to me and I eventually realized it. After I am in the Sustainability LLC of my second year on the second floor, I start to feel things differently than other regular resident hall. It is more united as a group. Everyone here is really nice. Especially most people are interested in the environmental aspect about our life, and we have the same one class, which helps to develop the relationships even better. It gives me a warm feeling like in middle and high school. People are close to each other, caring about each other, and going to the events and do something for what we care in common. In this LLC, I only being here for two years, but I learn so much everyday. We have been doing so many things like building the greenhouse, making compose at the Urban Green in DC, renewing the rain-garden, and helping with Potomac Heights Vegetable Garden.

Last Tuesday during the LLC class, we went to the president’s Park Greenhouse. I am really happy they choose us, the Sustainability LLC group as one of the four LLCs out of all 16 LLCs. I am so gladded I had been chosen to spread out the “glory of Sustainability”.While we were taking all the pictures, I felt so happy for us as a group, is doing something for Mason. I feel so powerful when everyone stood together rather than just me, because I am the only one small piece of this group. We have done so many projects and keep running the projects to spread the words out to campus. Such as, the Food Innovation Forest, the Mason Pond, the rain garden, the Honey Bee Initiative, and the Watershed. Meanwhile, we keep studying from the peer teaching groups in classed and speeches from experts.


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  1. andrewwingfield · November 10, 2015

    You are a very gracious person, so I am not surprised to see that you have used this opportunity to focus on the special community that is the Sustainability LLC. I share your appreciation for the supportive community that you all have created together, and for the important contributions the LLC makes to campus and the wider community. I am glad you have found a warm and welcoming place to live because that is important when you are far from home and family. Finally, I really like the picture of you on the web site. You look awesome!


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