“Devastation came from Agriculture”

Although this clip is based on human consumption rather than on agriculture, I believe it is extremely fitting. Ever since I have viewed the movie Food Inc., I have been extremely picky with what I eat. To me, it’s hard to imagine that people do not understand where their food truly comes from. I suppose that it is easier to pick up the pack of chicken breast at Walmart thinking it was once a happy chick that frolicked in pastures. In reality, however, most of U.S. food now derives from Agribusiness. Agribusiness is defined as per google as “agriculture conducted on commercial principles, especially using advanced technology”. If you’ve ever gotten me started on the topic, I have extremely mixed feelings about how technology affects society. Particularly in the case of agribusiness, I believe that these “commercial principals” harm the ecosystem larger than we give it credit for. Let’s go back to the image of the frolicking chick. In reality, this baby chicken will mature in 18 days thanks to modern hormones. The chicken, most likely never even touching the ground with its feet, will live its entire life in a cage small than the size of most mailboxs stacked on other caged chickens. It might be better for the chicken that it can’t touch  the ground with its feet as the chicken, once again thanks to modern hormones, will develop breasts so big that it will be unable to stand. All of the chicken growth in the 18 days will go to the breasts, causing the legs to remain almost exactly the same size they were as chicks, unable to support the full weight of the chicken. After 18 days of living in it’s and others fecal matter, the chicken will then be transferred to a different part of the plant. The chicken will be hosed down and killed. Increasingly, the animals which we are eat killed inhumanly. Due to it’s graphic nature I will not discuss that topic. Further, because the Agribusiness is labeled as “farming” there are very few limitations on how clean the food must be and what types of hormones or other artificial things can be put in the food. After the chicken is killed, I will be picked apart by mostly illegal immigrants on an assembly line. Here, the immigrants are treated almost as poorly as the animals. Would you still pick up that package of chicken at Walmart? The truth is, just like globalization, there is no stopping Agribusiness. With the world population growing constantly, and an increasingly urban population, there is no other way to produce enough food without the technologies used in Agriculture. What we can do, however, it prompt change in the brutality of the Agribusiness. The best way to do this is by protesting with our money. I encourage anyone who takes the time to read tis article to start looking at the labels on each item they eat. Look at where the item was made, and how it was made. If neither of the two are mentioned, it is guaranteed that product is a product of the Agribusiness.



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  1. rogerwleblanc · October 29, 2015

    Kelsey, great blog post. The critiques you make on the way our food system currently operates are sound. I appreciate your enthusiasm to share this information with others. I hope during your time here at Mason you are able to go on a sustainable farm tour. There are many times groups like ours have done this in the past – I think you be encouraged to see first hand food being produced the right way. – Roger


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