Is a Bad Winter Encroaching on us?

Maybe I am not the first to hear this news, but is it true? I’ve been hearing quite often lately that we have a bad winter coming. Or at least a very cold one…but how do these magical people know? My Mom likes to say that a lot of acorns on the ground means a bad winter is on its way. I don’t know if there is science to that, so I decided I would look into it before making any assumptions…because there have been quite a few acorns dropping.

First, before jumping straight into this winter I wanted to cover more of how meteorologists go about predicting the weather. It really comes down to air masses and their patterns. Air masses move in predictable ways so meteorologists usually can have a pretty accurate prediction on a forecast. But every once and a while they are off. General patterns that have been kept track of for seasons on end are what help forecasters predict the future of our weather…pretty neat. I won’t stick on the basics for too long because I have a bigger idea for this blog. Bear with me.

I came across a farmer’s almanac and they have 20 signs for a hard winter. I won’t list them all but here’s a couple: thicker than normal corn husks, woodpeckers sharing a tree, early arrival of the Snowy owl, early arrival of crickets on the hearth, early seclusion of bees within the hive, UNUSUAL ABUNDANCE OF ACORNS (Mom is always right), and frequent halos around the moon or sun forecast numerous snow falls. There are more to the list, if you want to check out the cite I’ll include the link for my fellow bloggers. But honestly, WOW. It’s amazing what people pick up on nature, the subtle changes can indicate so much. Some people may say it’s bologna, but watching the natural changes in nature- just like the weather forecasters- can help predict weather to come.

I find it fascinating that the world around us is always changing, adapting. Luckily people can pick up on the fact that it means something. Cause and effect. I really believe there’s always a meaning to something, even if it comes down to an excess in acorns. Which apparently can indicate a harsh winter… I guess we will all just have to wait and see!

P.S. They’ve been using this list of signs of nature since 1978.

Also, I know I went from meteorologists to acorns- so I hope you can keep up with the natural course of my fascination!


  1. joshyboy21 · October 27, 2015

    Hello Meghan! I would like to comment on this post because I have always been fascinated with the weather and I think I might have some relevant information to share on the winter to come.

    Ever since I was young I have been obsessed with the natural patterns of weather and I often religiously watched the weather channel and still sometimes do hoping to figure out exactly what is causing the weather we see today. I even am considering a major in atmospheric science. So on to what I have learned about this coming winter.

    As you may already know there is a moderate to strong el nino occurring in the pacific right now. This is supposed to have a significant impact on the weather patterns of north america since its peak is forecasted to be around January or Febuary. So far what I understand is that in general all states south of VA should experience below average temperatures and wetter conditions. Anything north of VA will be above average temperature and drier. Here is my source if you want to read in detail what is being predicted by the Weather Channel.

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  2. aheaney15 · November 3, 2015

    This is very thought provoking. I was never one to trust meteorologists, but this post could possibly make me change my mind. These subtle changes you are referring to in nature are also very fascinating.


  3. eryelli · November 3, 2015

    This actually very fascinating because I did not know that there were so many signs to predicting the weather. I always wen with the groundhog thing (even though I still don’t understand the whole madness to it). But thank you for sharing the link to the farmers signs because I will definitely check it out. Also thanks for the heads up on the winter being harsh this year, I can plan accordingly. This was a great post and a cool way to connect to nature and this class!


  4. andrewwingfield · November 10, 2015

    Well, Meghan, you have sparked a lot of commentary–a good sign that you’ve written something thought provoking. A couple of days ago, while we were driving through our neighborhood, my son pointed to a big oak tree on the side of the road. “There it is,” he said. I said, “That tree? What about it?” Every time I walk past it on the way to school, an acorn falls on me.” So, I will have to tell him that this is probably a sign of a harsh winter. He will be glad to hear it, especially if it means snow days!


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