Real Plates for Real People

I want to bring up the problem about how Pilot House does not use reusable plates. Every time I go to Pilot House, they always have cardboard containers and styrofoam cups and both of those are not reusable. Pilot House instead they use a bunch of cardboard plates that get thrown away almost everyday. In my opinion, I feel like they should use the empty counter space next to the drink machine to be a dish washing station. They could get real plates so they could clean them then reuse them for the more food that they put out. They could also use reusable cups and real plates instead of the cardboard ones, they could save money which would be better for them. Using real plates and real cups would also be better for the environment because they would not be wasting so much cardboard and styrofoam that is thrown away each day. They can not recycle the cardboard and styrofoam because it has food and drink contaminate on it. All the other dining halls on campus use real plates and reusable cups which makes you wonder why Pilot House does not use real plates. Maybe they do not want to spend money on a dishwasher but they are probably wasting more money in the long run with buy the cardboard plates. They do not even have to buy a dish washing machine, they could just hire somebody to clean the dishes.



  1. Jessica · October 27, 2015

    Wow you are so right Zach. I think about this too. A lot of people go to Pilot House late at night for a snack, and if they had reusable dining wear there would be so much less waist coming from there. I think they probably use cardboard and Styrofoam because it just more convenient to throw something away than to take the time to wash it, but this lazy mentality is why people are trashing the planet and I don’t like it. People need to not be so lazy. I like the way you think Zach, keep it up.


  2. hwichaz · November 3, 2015

    This is very true Zach. There is quite a bit of waste generated by Pilot House. I would like to see that reduced as I find it quite bad. Also I agree with you that it could save them money in the long run as they wouldn’t have to keep paying for non reusable cups and plates. Good thinking Zach.


  3. jwatkin7 · November 3, 2015

    I agree, Zach. The uses of non-reusable paper plates is one of the many things that bothers me about Pilot House. And by installing a dish-washing station next to the soda machine, not only would they be reducing the waste they produce by the paper plates, they would be utilizing a space that has otherwise been left (disturbingly, in my opinion) vacant. I really like this idea.


  4. garrettfojtik · November 3, 2015

    Zach, I’m glad you decided to write a post about this issue – its something that has bothered me all semester. I like your idea about using the empty space for a dishwasher! Thinking about it more though, I can understand why Mason Dining would choose to use cardboard containers, because they would probably run out of reusable dish wear quickly with the high and concentrated demand for food. An alternative could potentially be to use compostable containers, which would ultimately have less negative impact on the environment, while also meeting the demand. Whatever the solution may be, I do agree that something needs to be done soon, because the amount of unnecessary waste produced by Pilot House five nights a week is unacceptable.


  5. dtarnot · November 3, 2015

    I completely agree, I always think about this when I eat there. The globe had this same problem last year but at least people had the option to bring their own plates and reduce waste. However, with Pilot House people do not have that option as the food is already placed out on the disposable containers. I really don’t think demand should be an issue though, I can’t imagine Pilot House getting more traffic than Southside on any given day. Mason has no reason not to be using reusable dishware at Pilot House and I hope they understand that soon.


  6. andrewwingfield · November 11, 2015

    Clearly, Zach, you have touched a nerve here. Did you know that Mason Dining has an online customer comment service. Here is the link:
    I encourage you to share your thoughts with them.


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