Water In Israel

So about a week ago, I stopped by North Plaza to check out the Sustainability Fair going on. My first impression was that there was nothing sustainable about these six little tri-boards groups handing out flyers, but I kept looking around and began talking to some of the people. One group really interested me with all these facts about Israel. I had no clue where this group was going but a cool fact I learned was that Israel is recognized by the United Nations as world leader in use of recycled water. I thought this was super neat because I didn’t even know water can be recycled and sure as hell didn’t know that Israel was even a contender to have the best form of doing it. Something else the group card mentioned was that “An Israeli company developed the most advanced method for biological treatment of unsorted municipal solid waste to date”. Which is another fact I learned and was surprised by because you don’t even see the two flush system in much of America, at least I have only seen it maybe two times. Israel also has a water irrigation system which save water there too. The country needs to do this because they are in the desert and can’t keep depending on rain water for their water supply. I did a little research and on npr.org, it says that “To save money and make the system more environmentally friendly, Shafdan is now building a system to trap methane from decomposing microbes, known as sludge, and use that gas to power the plant”.  In water sewage treatment Israel at the top with 89% and Spain following with 19% effectiveness. This is amazing because it is such a sustainable way to live as a country. And being recognized for that outstanding achievement should give incentive for other countries to jump on board. I know Mason has made great strives to becoming greener each and every year but we need to become greener as a whole country or else it doesn’t make much of a difference. We need to “Think Green and Think Blue” (which is the group motto and has a broader meaning on being sustainable). Overall, I no idea that Israel was such a sustainable country and it is fascinating to know that other countries out there are taking steps to become greener.

If you want to know more the website is: IsraelActivism.com



  1. lessthan3emily · November 3, 2015

    This is really cool, Eryn, I had no idea about this either! But I guess it does make sense that they are adapting to the extreme droughts I’m sure they are going to because of climate change effects that are hitting them harder. It is interesting to find out about the innovative ways countries are adapting while the U.S. does not necessarily get affected with climate change as much (or at least more evident) so that when it does start hitting us harder, we will have to adapt as well.


  2. aglenn6 · November 3, 2015

    Great topic of choice Eryn and thank you for shining a light on an event I knew nothing of! I’ll for sure keep a look out for the Sustainability Fair next year as this is something I’ve never experienced on campus before. This really sparked my curiosity and I’m definitely going to check out more at IsraelActivism.com. I completely agree that America needs to innovate and change its water systems for the better. We always tend to think that we’re more innovated and technologically advanced than anyone else, but in all reality, we can learn so much more from other nations. 🙂


  3. andrewwingfield · November 11, 2015

    Eryn, I’m glad to gave the sustainability fair a chance and ended up finding something there that interested and educated you. I had heard before about Israel’s innovations with water. They are a country with very little water, but a lot of science and engineering expertise, so it stands to reason they are the world leaders in this domain. What they are figuring out, many other countries will need to adopt as well, because fresh water is in shorter and shorter supply. My home state, California, is in the midst of a terrible drought and they are having to re-think their approach to water supply in a major way.


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