Arrielle’s Post on the Greenhouse

The Mason Greenhouse is a new addition to the George Mason campus this year. Although tiny, this greenhouse packs a mean punch. Providing numerous campus dining halls with a handful of fresh organic veggies, the Mason greenhouse radiates bright purple lights through the sea of darkness that is Mason dining. Grants are provided to the Office of Sustainability to make sure all costs are taken care of and that the greenhouse is running efficiently and effectively. The Mason Greenhouse provides nearly 2,000+ pounds of fresh spices, including basil, cilantro, and even parsley, as well as lettuce, cabbage, sprouts, and even rainbow chard. This produce is produced through a method that is called hydroponic. The hydroponic system is set up so nutrient infused water reaches all the roots of the plants. These plants also absorb lighting and needed nutrients from purple glowing lights, that in turn also helps to create a fun work of art within the President Park neighbourhood.

Being inside of the Mason Greenhouse was an amazing experience. I love being able to see where and how my food is produced. Although the greenhouse is responsible for a small chunk of the food provided at dining halls, it’s nice to now that Mason is making an effort to change the quality of food served and produced on campus.

(Arrielle Glenn)


One comment

  1. rogerwleblanc · November 4, 2015

    Arrielle, thanks for adding your thoughts on the Mason Greenhouse. I hope you and others from the floor are able to enjoy volunteering in there at some point this year. – Roger


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