Giving back to the Earth :)

I would like to tell a story that I think has very much to do with being sustainable in several ways. One day before I left for school during the fall of my senior year of high school I found out that one of my cats died. His name was Teddy, named after Teddy Roosevelt because he was a big game hunter; and this cat kept the balance of life at my house. He hunted A LOT; moles, mice, squirrels, and occasionally some birds, which was a little unfortunate but hey that’s how the world works. This cat was a natural way for us to keep pests out of our yard, instead of using pesticides or mouse poison.

When one of my friends found out that my cat died she was very very disheartened; keep in mind that this girl really loves cats. She was so upset about my cat dying that she wrote invitations for several of our friends to come to my house after school to have a funeral for Teddy. That evening my friends came to my house for the service. We dug a hole in my back yard at the edge of the woods. My friend read a poem that she wrote for Teddy as she cried over his body. She placed the poem and some flowers in his grave as we buried him, giving his body back to the Earth. It was a sad time but it makes me feel better knowing that Teddy came from the Earth, and to the Earth we returned him. After the touching service had concluded we ate some apples from a tree in my yard, and some scuppernongs from a grapevine in my yard.

There are several morals to this story:




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