House, M.D.

Well what is the best thing about this new day and age? Netflix of course. I was watching TV and saw a episode of House, a show I use to love but hadn’t seen in years. Wanting to reconnect and rewatch from start to finish, I searched for the show and relapsed my Netflix addiction. In my hollow shell of human avoidance to watch as much Netflix as possible, I paid deep attention to the diagnosis of the fictional patients. Often in most/all episodes have the doctors discussing whether the cause could be environmental. Usually it isn’t, but the most particular cases they are. The environmental factors are usually chemicals, pesticides, and bacteria. The amount of undiagnosed deaths from environmental factors are shocking. Pesticides in particular are dangerous not just to the insects but to us as well. We need to find a new way to grow our plants that has NO effect on humans AND the environment. Can we think of a way?


One comment

  1. rogerwleblanc · December 3, 2015

    Hey Eryn, you bring up a good point that environmental quality has a big impact on public health. Toxicology laws in the US are very interesting too since often times chemicals are put on the market without requirements to be tested. You have great ideas and thoughts, please try to get closer to the 400 word count for your blogs next semester.


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