Northern White Rhino

One of the only surviving Northern White Rhinos died on November 22. Her name was Nola she lived in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and lived to the age of 41. There are now only three surviving Northern White Rhinos in the world. All of which are in captivity as they are extinct in the wild. The last wild Northern White Rhino’s in the wild were seen in 2006. They haven’t been seen since then and were classified as extinct in the wild in 2011. They became extinct due to extensive poaching for their very expensive horns. The surviving Northern  White Rhinos live on the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, and they are all elderly, with the last two females incapable of natural reproduction and with the last male having a very low sperm count. This means that the species is becoming ever closer to extinction. Scientist’s were trying to get the some of the rhinos to mate some years back but all attempts at that failed. They even tried to artificially inseminate some of the female rhino’s in attempts to get one pregnant but that also failed. Sadly during our lifetime we are very likely to see the extinction of these amazing animals. That will be a day I dread as we as humans are the main reason these animals are becoming extinct.



  1. aheaney15 · December 1, 2015

    I was fortunate enough to see Nora a couple years ago at the Safari Park, and was mesmerized by her beauty and size. Unfortunately, I did not take any photos of her, but I was so saddened that there were so few of them left (there were seven left in the world at the time I saw her). Fortunately, the Southern White Rhinos are doing extraordinarily well, tens of thousands of them in the wild. It is very depressing to see one subspecies go extinct so soon, and so bittersweet to see the other do so unfairly well.


  2. dstraqua · December 1, 2015

    I was very intrigued by this, due to the recent news coverage of the White Rhinos. I find it to be absolutely appalling that people kill these creatures for the ivory in their horns. While yes, I do understand that some people depend on poaching to sustain themselves, I think that there is a much better way to go about living their lives. What that way is…I do not know. But, there is a way. I will figure it out. In third grade, I did a project on rhinos, which at the time, were my favorite creatures, and to see how much their population has depleted throughout the years is, as I said before, appalling. We all know what the course of this species is. May God grant them a peaceful death.


  3. rogerwleblanc · December 3, 2015

    Anthony, thanks for sharing this post and all of your ideas you shared during your peer teaching presentation. It’s really important to examine the impact we as humans on these creatures. Please try to get closer to the 400 word limit for your blog posts in the future.


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