Pollution in the Black Sea

Our Earth is 75% covered by water whether it is by freshwater lakes within a country and by saltwater areas the oceans and seas. The area that is the World’s largest anoxic body of water,a model sea to study alien marine species invasions, heavily eutrophied, very beautiful, full of life is the Black Sea (Black Sea). This sea located between southeastern Europe and the western edges of Asia and the country of Turkey.However, pollution is becoming a common cause as to why there are current issues within these water sources. One area in particular that is facing major pollution problems is the Black Sea Most of the pollution is coming from human activity, agriculture, and chemicals, all of these are contributing to the degrading of the Black Sea (Black Sea SCENE). When boats and other forms of transportation goes through the Black Sea, the oil that is in these boats spill out into the sea causing issues to it. Along with oil, sewage contamination is a rising issue that is contributing to the total pollution within the sea.

Currently the Black Sea, is to be known as a rather young sea with the biodiversity within it evolving in front of our eyes (Black Sea). This ecosystem of life within the Black Sea has a variety of life. These species range from microscopic phytoplankton to larger size of fish. However, there are some advantages with the current conditions of the Black Sea that could help the current condition of it. Marine life of the Black Sea certainly is less diverse than that of a coral reef, and the Black Sea itself is relatively small; however there are advantages to that. The Black Sea is more suitable for research, and in many ways Black Sea ecology is more comprehensible to scientists. The ecosystem of the Black Sea quickly responds to external influences, both to the natural ones, like environmental factors fluctuations, or anthropogenic effects, like fisheries, construction works in the coastal zone, and all kinds of marine pollution. (Black Sea). However, these pollutants have been contributing to the issues regarding the biodiversity of the Black Sea. The current pollution within the water has been causing a decline in the number of marine life and other life that lives within the water.Every year, about 350 cubic km of river water pours into the Black Sea, which has resulted in soaring pollution levels, threatening marine habitats and livelihoods (Press Releases:August 2014 – UNEP). This pollution begins to add up overtime and affect the biodiversity of the area. When this happens and it does not get cleaned at all, then there will be a possibility of total lose of living organisms.

When the Black Sea is affected by pollutants, turning the quality of the water to a lower standard. Along with the water quality depleting, so does the economies and the rate of tourism of the surrounding countries. Not only does the pollution cause environmental health issues, but there have been reports of human health issues as well. The destruction or pollution of habitats there can destroy or drive away dependent species thus influencing the entire food chain all the way up to humans. Insufficiently treated wastewaters may contain pathogens, as for example the microbiological contaminants causing hepatitis-A or meningitis. The poor quality of coastal waters has a negative influence not only on life in the sea but also on tourism and the whole coastal economy (Problems with coastal zone management). There is evidence of this decline by how there is the direct relationship between pollution and tourism.  “In terms of socio-human and tourism resources, the region is characterized by a high degree of heterogenity; this generates a special interest for tourists around the world.” (Impact of Tourism). The effects of pollution does not only affect the life in the water but it also affects life outside of the water as well. It affects the economy, tourism, and the health of civilians the surround it.


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  1. andrewwingfield · December 5, 2015

    Josh, this reads like a research essay, rather than a blog post. Is it something you wrote for another class? If so, I’m okay with you posting it, as long as you do the additional work of explaining what this has to do with your learning about sustainability.


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