Staying Positive

My last blog post, entitled “Honeybees and Sustainability”, was long and required a lot of extra research. This week, I have decided to do the opposite. Instead, I simply want to express my thoughts on something I think all of us as sustainability activists experience occasionally.

As social and environmental activists, it can sometimes be difficult to stay positive when fighting against people’s ignorance and indifference. Getting caught up in the doom of all the world’s problems is easy. Obviously this feeling comes and goes, but especially during current world events, a positive outlook can be hard to find. Witnessing so much hatred and close-mindedness is disheartening for the peaceful image of our world that I know all of us in the Sustainability LLC hope for. This is precisely why I think that it is so valuable to be a part of a positive and supportive community like ours.

       Though there may be a lot of negativity in the world right now, made inescapable by social media, seeing so many of my peers continuing to spread positivity makes it easier for me to do so as well. In regards to the environment, this positivity is encouraged during sustainability events, reminding us why we continue to persevere through the fight for a better world. This continued reinforcement of the “why” is perhaps the only thing that will allow us to continue to make a difference for years to come.

       At a time set aside for thankfulness, I am thankful to be a part of such a great community filled with people who are bettering the world everyday. Its so nice to know that we’re in it together.



  1. jlynn4 · November 29, 2015

    Garrett you are so right. Every where you look there will be people that don’t care about preserving the environment or resources, but it really is reassuring that we live in a community on campus that has the same mind set. We can keep each other positive by contributing in our own way, and hopefully spread more good spirits and awareness to the rest of campus about what it means to be sustainable. I am also glad that I got the opportunity to meet such great people like you that will help me to grow in confidence and knowledge about what I am aiming for.


  2. lessthan3emily · December 2, 2015

    Preach, Garrett! When I was in high school, no one cared about the environment and I was just regarded as a ‘hippie’ and all of my recycling ideals and actions towards the environment seemed to be taken very jokingly. That is why I have grown to be so involved and confident at Mason because it is communities like the LLC and the awareness of environmental impact that shows that people here care and are willing to have these conversations taken very seriously. I fear for people who really are not that resilient in the face of these issues and knowledge about all the negative effects all around us. That is why sustainability should really be highlighted in all its positive effects, its community-driven ways, and benefits to our well-being for all rather than something that is a challenge and impossible to achieve so ‘why bother’ type of argument.


  3. andrewwingfield · December 5, 2015

    Amen, Garrett! As a sustainability teacher, I often feel like I spend most of my time sharing bad news with students. That’s why I think the LLC is so great and important–it offers people a chance to take positive action in the company of others. You folks are creating good news to counteract the bad news.


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