Is Bird Flu Coming for You?

NO. But it is coming for our wallets…and maybe our diets.

This year, 2015,  has had one of the most devastating cases of Bird Flu  in decades…and it’s predicted to become worse. The cost of a dozen eggs could rise to $6.00. That is incredibly high for a carton of eggs that could be found for $1-$2 in previous years…even last year.

The virus may somewhat be controlled now, but prices will continue to drive up while poultry farms work on rebuilding their stock. But what can we do in the mean time? Go VEGAN. I am not vegan, but if the cost of eggs is bringing you down look into some alternatives! I may even give some of these a shot.

Tofu is an excellent substitute for eggs, you can use it for eggless egg salad or even eggless scrambled eggs. It doesn’t stop there, with the holiday season approaching quickly think of ALL of that baking you will have to do. Some replacements for eggs in baking are apple sauce, and bananas…pretty sweet if you ask me. There are many recipes online that provide numerous ways to prepare what your hankering for. Here’s a link to help get you started.LINK

However, if you just can’t give up the egg game and are nervous about Bird Flu I can give you a couple of tips on how to stay healthy. Most consumers do not need to fret over contracting bird flu, however proper cooking techniques can assure you of killing the virus. I will say that feeding wild birds may not be the smartest, you want to be sure to wash your hands and avoid bird droppings with the increase of birds flying south for the winter. The bird lady from the Christmas classic  Home Alone probably shouldn’t be your remodel at this time…I’m sure you can guess why.

If you have any questions about bird flu, eggs, or experimenting a vegan diet be sure to comment below and I will do my best to answer ay questions you have. Thanks for keeping up with me.

-Meghan Noble






  1. xiaoxiazzzzz · November 30, 2015

    Thanks for this post! It is hard to be vegan because I am omnivorous animal (human). Besides tofu, beans provide a lot of calcium and proteins too. Being a vegan takes a huge commitment about the diet. To me, I can’t become vegan right away for protecting the animals and being healthy. I need small steps to get ready for the big change of diet. I tried to be a pescetarian first, and then move to vegetarian, and then possibly vegan. There is a huge potential risk, which is your body may lack to certain elements or ions. Therefore, before making this commitment, making sure you know the knowledge about nutrition about vegan food consuming. Mason has a nutrition expert, Lois Durant. She works for mason dining at the main floor in Southside.
    By the way, I really like your link in the post. It is cute and memorable.

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  2. cbagmu · December 1, 2015

    Hi Meghan!
    So first of all, I love how well-written this was. Second of all, I love tofu but I never thought of using it as a substitute for eggs which I never eat anyways. I was wondering if you could tell me why yo chose to go on a vegan diet? I am still eating normally even though, I do eat try to avoid meat because of the carbon footprint meat implies. I also do eat crickets as a protein intake (you can buy them on Amazon!) to avoid having too big of a carbon footprints. What are your favorite vegan recipes?

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  3. rogerwleblanc · December 3, 2015

    Hey Meghan, great blog post. I think this was really smart of you to connect an environmental action to a public health outcome. Having different frames of communication to reach people of different values is a really great persuasive method you displayed here. Glad to hear you are trying a vegan diet – continue to share these awesome tips with us. We appreciate it!


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