Global Warming?

Weather on the southeast has been running rapid for the past few weeks. One day it’s 28 degrees with rain and ice, while the next day it’s 53 degrees and sunny. The weird weather has even been setting new records all over. Just these 3 days ago, New York hit its coldest record of the year since 1994 with a shocking -37 degrees Fahrenheit. So could the increasing global warming patterns be to blame for our crazy weather patterns?

Maybe not. New research from NASA suggests that global warming is actually improving. A new study has apparently concluded that the rising sea level has been slowed by at least 15%. Changes in the global water cycle, as well as increased water storage within the land, have been to blame more than anything else. Details from the study show that “the global water cycle offsets the losses that occurred from groundwater pumping, causing the land to act like a sponge – temporarily.”

With this newly published data on global warming and this crazy weather, what are we to think? Has our recent weather been the cause of global warming or is there something more to it?



Bastasch, M. (2016, February 12). NASA Study Concludes Global Warming Is Actually Slowing Sea Level Rise. Retrieved February 16, 2016, from




  1. rogerwleblanc · February 19, 2016

    Arielle, thanks for your blog post. You bring up some good questions. The intensity of our weather pattern can be a result of climate change, since our storms will be more frequent and erratic as global temperatures rise. It can be tricky to look at weather vs. climate however, since weather is a daily experience while climate is the long term trend. Check out this awesome video from Cosmos that explains the difference:


  2. cbagmu · February 22, 2016

    First thing first, be careful when you mention global warming. That term was actually used as a propaganda so that when mentionned people can say “Global warming? Did you see all that snow?” That being said, I thought you had an interesting point and it definitely gives me hope. However, I cannot help but wonder if other studies will say the opposite? Media always seems so negative.


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