Sewage Processing Plants

When I was in 12th Grade, the entire Environmental Science class was required to go not only to a dump, but a sewage processing plant. Although at the time watching my friends puke at the smell was not worth what I was learning, I now advise every one to go on a tour and even suggest it as a Field Trip for this class. I think it is important to know that although working with a sewage plant is a dirty job, it is really important. Of course, the director of the plant (our tour guide) did not end up there by choice, and as a matter of fact he was a biology major. But, unlike most people, he realized the importance of water processing. Did you know, for example, that at the beginning of the process cities, companies, and individuals are legally allowed to track what ends up getting flushed out of our toilet?  Although seemingly disgusting, this collection is important marking the consumption of humans. Years from now, it will be important to document how people of each city were eating to suggest the income of city, the terrain of the city, even the health of the inhabitants. They can even calculate the percentage of the population which has HIV based on samples and well conducted algorithms. Did you also know that to clean the water, the sewage processing plant has a huge pool of live microorganisms which are strong enough to consume an entire human body, bones and all, in three hours? Or that the sewage processing plant has one of the highest level security of any of the city buildings due to this fact? I suggest this as a field trip because I have no knowledge about how this cities sewer system works. In fact, I don’t even know if the school itself has its own sewage processing plant. However, I think it’s important for the sake of accountability for the sewage processing plant company to have visitor’s every once in a while as misguidance of even the smallest detail may have dramatic effects for the environment downstream, as well as the people.


One comment

  1. andrewwingfield · February 23, 2016

    Well, I guess I shouldn’t have read this right before lunch…

    Just kidding. This is a fascinating topic and I agree that it would make an interesting field trip. You should talk to Emily to see if there’s any open space on the programming calendar for something like this.


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