The Intelligent Behavior In Plants

I am inspired by this video. It gives an example of the Venus flytrap catch its food by tracking and counting the number of times an insect touches the plant’s trigger hairs in the mouth. When an insect leads on the trap, consider, as one stimulation, the plant doesn’t lead to any reactions. But in the next 20 seconds, if the insect moves again, the Venus flytrap will immediately shut off and catch the insect. Once the third movement is made, the plant will start to secrete acidic liquid to digest this insect. Meanwhile, the more the insect moves, the more acid it will release. It is important to record the number of times because the plant does not want to waste time and acids for falling leaves or rain drops.


There are more examples like sunflower senses toward the sun; the shame-plant folds leaflets inward when it is disrupted. Plants have sensory, memory, and they communicate as human does.

Not just the leaf, the root has its own intelligence as well. Plants’ roots sense gravity, the presence of water, feel the obstructions in the way of roots. A Ted Talks for “The Roots of Plant Intelligence” reports, plants are good at movements and communication, such as pollen transportation. The root apex grows against a slope and networks with others. More details in this video link:


I think it is really cool like when we think plants are just plants, but they have a lot of “knowledge” for their living and survival skills. It’s important to learn and study them because we, human, are learning from them even now.



  1. jlynn4 · February 17, 2016

    I have also seen some amazing videos about the “intelligence” of plants. It seems that people think plants have no feeling or consciousness, that they are just alive. But I think otherwise; can anything just be alive? If an organism is alive it must try to survive and flourish in some way. How can it do that if it has no ability to think or react. Plants have many defensive reactions to their surroundings since they can not move. That is pretty extraordinary. Some plants in a way can also make beneficial insects come to them when they need help. I think plants are very intelligent. Even if it is proven that they do not have any kind of consciousness, they use mere instinct to do the things that the most intelligent people try to do their whole lives; find the best way to thrive. That is incredible.


  2. rogerwleblanc · February 19, 2016

    Xiaoxia, thanks so much for sharing this! This is wild! Nature is so amazing! Very cool how these plants have evolved to communicate with one another about ripening or predators. Very neat!


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