What is the Price of Beauty

So recently I have been shopping around for some beauty products- hair, skin, makeup, standard stuff. I have been doing a lot online research about some products to ensure they work and I stumbled into a Lush store. Lush praises itself on all natural ingredients in all of their products but I wasn’t too worried about that part- at first. So I continue doing my research and find that most drug store beauty brands has a TON of harmful chemicals that will not only damage me but the earth as well. So once again going back to Lush and their “all natural” products I investigated what ingredients are actually put into it. Now I have found a lot of  videos and articles saying Lush isn’t as eco-friendly as it says to be. One article: http://niackery.com/greenniackery/personal-care/lush-demystified/ (a blog about green living in Ontario) talked about how Lush doesn’t disclose all their ingredients and some of the ‘perfumes’ they use are not natural and potentially toxic. However, it also says Lush reduces waste with packaging and campaigns about the environmental impacts and animal testing- which is great. So after reading this, I figured you probably can’t have ALL the benefits you want without little to no harmful aspects when it comes to commercial beauty. But still intrigued by knowing the environmental impacts of the products I use or don’t use, I looked up what products claim to be ecofriendly but are in fact not. Btw, there are lots of articles on this. One I looked at was: http://eluxemagazine.com/magazine/5-brands-you-think-are-eco-friendly/. And this covered a more broad range of products, not just beauty which I think is great because it gives more insight on the fashion world as a whole and their impact on the environment. So many brands have harmful effects and it is great that people are there to warn and expose these products. So the article is titles “7 More Brands You Think are Eco Friendly, But Aren’t” and it talks about the brand Kiehls which has tons of chemicals in it that irritates the skin and releases toxins into the atmosphere. Other products of shoes, coffee, lotions, and shampoos were talked about the same way. One is Nepresso and the article really bashes this saying, “It’s hard to take Nespresso’s claims to sustainability seriously when its parent company has one of the worst ecological track records in history and is currently destroying Indonesian rainforests”, among other reasons. Overall, I warn you to watch out for your beauty!



  1. lessthan3emily · February 25, 2016

    Hey Eryn, this post caught my attention as I was in the market for finding some new, natural cosmetic products as well! And it does seem like it’s quite the challenge to find something you like but also a product that won’t have any harmful chemicals in it. I’ve heard of this organization, The Environmental Working Group, that rates beauty products of all kinds to meet their standards in terms of chemical content. I was going to refer to them in lieu of my search to start. You can check them out here, and even see what your current make-up is rated based on their standards! http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ Good luck!

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  2. andrewwingfield · March 1, 2016

    Eryn, it’s great to see you becoming a conscious consumer and scrutinizing these products. I wish I had something fantastic to add to Emily’s comment, but what she said was so on point and helpful that I will just shut up and applaud you both.


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