Why so Salty?

When you are on the road while it is snowing, you see a few of the snow plows driving around clearing snow and spreading road salt everywhere. Even though road salt is helping everyone get to work or school on time without slipping and sliding everywhere, but where does the road salt go when the snow goes away and is the road salt helping the environment? On Salting the Earth, it says that scientist tested some of the water streams after road salt was applied to the roads, that the chloride levels where much higher then they should be. The post also said that the salt can attract animals, such as deer, to the road which could end up becoming road kill.

Even though using salt is cheaper to use, there must be some cleaner and safer way to make the roads and sidewalks safe without harming the environment around it. The technological side of me says that they could create a strip of heaters that can be placed under roads to melt the snow but to be able to build that then somehow get it under the roads would be too time consuming, costly, and destruction to environments. There are other options currently for alternate road salt, but they too have environment problems and also cost more than road salt. Hopefully this post will make you think about where the salt will go and how it will effect the environment after seeing a snow plow dropping salt.


One comment

  1. andrewwingfield · March 1, 2016

    Great to see you viewing the world around you through a sustainability lens. I used to salt the sidewalks around my house after the snow, but stopped doing that when I began wondering what impact the salt would have when it entered the local waterways. I stopped using chemical fertilizers on my lawn for the same reason.


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