Wildlife Trafficking

Wildlife trafficking is a huge issue throughout the world today. It involves the illegal gathering and transportation of animals or any part of them. This can be down throughout a country or throughout the world. The estimated value of wildlife trafficking is in the billions making it a very profitable venture. Products that are involved in wildlife trafficking include exotic pets, and anything that can be made from an animals tusks, fur, fins, skulls, and horns.

Wildlife trafficking is a huge problem that can cause the endangerment of animals. One animal that has become near extinction because of wildlife trafficking is the Northern White Rhino. There are only three left in the world, all of which are in zoos and have trouble mating. Some other animals that are trafficked include Tigers, geckos, bearded dragons, and elephants.I feel like wildlife trafficking is one of the worst things someone can do. As it promotes poaching and can put animals in danger. Trafficking is one thing that you probably can’t get completely rid of but you can definitely reduce the amount of it. You can reduce it by making the punishments for catching the traffickers more severe. For instance life sentences in jail. I hope one day wildlife trafficking will be something that is not as big as a problem and doesn’t draw as much interest.


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  1. andrewwingfield · February 23, 2016

    Anthony, you are right that this is a big topic. We have a number of faculty at Mason who are experts on various aspects of wildlife trafficking, in case you want to learn more. Elizabeth Freeman in NCC is an expert on elephants and rhinos. Alonso Aguirre is also knowledgeable about the illegal trade in many species. Finally, here is info about some pertinent research on trafficking being done one of Mason’s research centers: http://traccc.gmu.edu/researchprojects/analysis-of-transnational-crime-in-wildlife-poaching-and-trafficking-in-africa/


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