Do you care?

Well this week I don’t have much to talk about when it comes to sustainability. So instead of spewing out information maybe I can pose a couple questions that someone else can comment an answer to. There has been lots of talk about living sustainable but just how realistic is it? I mean we all live here in dorms shared within a campus of I think 6000, most likely more than that. In one of my classes we talk about how to get people to do things that are beneficial to society.  While everyone was saying very cookie-cutter answers about increasing education about the topic or making it more accessible to communities, their only thought I could think of is that you can’t make people do anything. People will only do something if THEY personally care or see it beneficial. And I was thinking about that conversation because I had shared that no matter how educated people are, for example, in how littering is bad for the environment, if they don’t care to pick up at piece of trash or throw it away properly, then they won’t do it. It sucks that even I know how doing small things like turning off the light, or stop running the water when I brush my teeth will help out, but sometimes I just choose not to do it. I’m sure that the case for majority of the people though. So the question that I still ponder is how do we get people to care, specifically with the environment. We are all doing these projects in the class but in a way I feel like that might not be enough. it is a struggle in trying to promote anything, especially if it trying to change bits of people’s rutines and lifestyles but I think if we can answer that question we are golden in getting the earth back on track. So back to my original question, how realistic is a sustainable lifestyle? Also, how much of a change do people ,or myself, need to start making to live sustainable and do something beneficial for our society and environment?



  1. jlynn4 · March 24, 2016

    You know I think about this sometimes too. They say education is the key to getting people to change. Well, that is part of it, but like you said people will only do something if they want to. Most people only do something if it is convenient for them. So why would someone take a shorter shower to save water, or think twice before throwing away food because they got more than they needed? Yeah people need to know how they can be more conscious of living a sustainable lifestyle, but in order to get people to change their ways I think people need to experience the effects of what they do. I feel like a lot of people feel entitled to many things that others don’t even have access to; but if someone were to know what it is like to not have any way left if they use too much, maybe they would realize how important it is to not take resources like that for granted.


  2. xiaoxiazzzzz · March 24, 2016

    I really do appreciate how honest you start to think about the realistic possibilities on doing this sustainable work. It will be a slow, long process to make changes over years or even thousands of years. I feel like the awareness of being sustainable is a significant step to start with no matter what. And you are right about people don’t normal behave something they wont get benefits from, because everyone likes rewards for extra work than nothing. Another thing is about the laziness. For example, doing homework right now rather than later requires a high self-control on time management and motivation. Most people tend to procrastinate on work even they know start it early reducing the stress and bringing up happiness. But they don’t normally do, unless it is from the intrinsic interests. So, doing thing as a regular basis is way to form a habit. Being sustainable is good habit, to me at least, requires multiple, repetitive behaviors everyday, which is not easy at all. Therefore, how to bring it to the reality is something requires baby steps that no one can rush on it, like revolution. I hope my comment won’t frustrate people too much.


  3. rogerwleblanc · March 28, 2016

    Hey Eryn, thanks for your post. It created a lot of buzz. I would suggest that you take an Environmental Communications course at Mason one semester. There is a lot of really cool social science research that helps people in the field activate others to care about the environment. You are asking good questions – and there are answers 🙂 Check out as well. They are a research center at Mason.


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