GMOs? Good? Or Bad?

When talking about GMOs, people tend to show disgust because they view genetic modification as a contamination. There is an environmental damage. Since chemical pesticides and herbicides are commonly used with GMOs, the toxicity will modify the genes of plants and the non-target organism like the butterflies and bees. Also, the long-term effects of GMOs are uncertain so far. Since the DNA changes help plants are more resistant in an agricultural conditions, this is considered as the invasive species in natural environment. The chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides create problems with water sources, air and decompose as well. the GMO’s DNA end up into soil, which affects animal feed, other living organism and then potentially harming back to our health. The GMO food may directly affect on out health through allergic reaction in general.

After talking about all these negatives, then why we cannot cut off the GMO completely if they are so harmful to our nature. There are something is valuable about having the GMO food.

It increases the insect resistance, so that plants can grow better. More nutritious food-battling malnutrition in the developing world are produced, so that people are able to reach out to various nutrition in order to stay healthy. GMO foods are more productive and effectively grow, that is essential for poor areas in developing world especially. So many people have been die from poverty, malnutrition and hunger. To people who cannot even feed themselves enough, choosing non-GMO food will not even being considered in their life because being alive is the top one critical rather than thinking about high quality food or environmental problems.

If you are thinking about the United States is a developed country, so we can cut off the GMO food now. It is impossible. In the U.S., GMOs are in as much as 80% of conventional processed food, based on NONGMO Project (2011). It covers the most of the food production industry that is hard to stop right away and gives a significant drop. Otherwise, it will rises the prices, and people will spend too much money just food, and living for survival standard.

The GMO is a double-edged sword. You can have non-GMO food when you are able to, but just trying to understand GMOs are created for needs; and we are not supposed to critically judge anyone.



  1. aglenn6 · March 29, 2016

    Great post, Xiaoxia. I agree that GMO’s are essentially a double-edged sword. Although they are completely unhealthy for us and have shown to cause so many dangerous side effects, including tumor growth and cancer to lab rats, we still eat them and need them. The U.S. itself is a country that has grown very dependent on GMOs and I too don’t see a future where GMOs would be eliminated entirely.


  2. andrewwingfield · April 18, 2016

    Another aspect of this topic is the fact that big companies that develop gmo seeds can patent those seeds and create economic dependency in farmers–both in the US and the developing world. This has to be considered as well.


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