Gratuity of Public Transport

In Paris, the threshold for air pollution has been exceeded for the fifth consecutive day and still could be increasing this weekend … or even next week. Over thirty departments around the capital were affected Thursday by maximum alerts to air pollution. To reduce the rate of pollution, measures more or less pleasant, exist. The “Nouvel Observateur” highlights the main one, which I read and thought was interesting.
There is talk to make public transport on days when the pollution is high..It is the flagship measure put forward by the Minister of Ecology, Philippe Martin. The objective is simple. Pushing, when pollution peaks, the inhabitants of French cities to choose public transport instead of the car.
Paris, Caen, Rouen, Reims, Lyon and Grenoble (major French cities) offer free transport some weekends. The President of the Ile-de-France region Jean-Paul Huchon, head of the transport authority in the region, said that this gratuity would be ensured in the Ile-de-France “throughout the duration of the expected peaks of pollution. ” There will not, however, discount on weekly or monthly passes. In some cities, free should only expected for Fridays unless otherwise specified.
The challenge is to be able to absorb these additional users who have agreed to leave their cars at home. Another challenge would be getting the companies managing public transport to agree to make public transport free throughout certain weeks when pollution is high. Public transport is mostly used during the week to access work and so it would minimize pollution on those days.
In America, the use of cars is more frequent because of the lack of accessibility to public transport in some states. I think it would definitely encourage people to use the metro and the bus if there were some days when it was free to ride.


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  1. andrewwingfield · April 18, 2016

    I like the direction you are going here. Public transportation is a public good and should therefore be affordable, or even free, for all. The more people use it, the more society benefits, in all kinds of ways. I was in Portland Oregon twice last year. They have excellent public transportation. I rode for about 6 days in total and no one ever asked to see my ticket. I came to the conclusion that they don’t really expect people to pay, unless they can afford to.

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