The Connects of Climate Change

In my Social Structure and Globalization class, we are learning about how climate change leads to human migration resulting in conflicts. Climate change has caused dramatic changes in parts of the world dependent on agriculture for financial stability. Many countries rely on agriculture to export crops, receive a profit, and import necessities for survival. However, areas along the equator are undergoing increasing droughts, reducing the type of crop locals and grow and the amount of crops that can suffice for the season. This compels people to move to high income countries for more opportunities. People are migrating out of local town and abandoning farms to immigrate and work in industrialized cities. Conflicts arise as influxes of immigrants enter high income countries because it increases competition for citizens. Furthermore, governments face new challenges on restricting their borders because the populations of the high income countries are accelerating. For example, Mexican farmers are continuously migrating to the United States because the land does not support a variety of food sources. Another reason is because even with the harvest they attempt to sell in local towns, American food carts are a tough competition because the prices are lower as the crops come from large US farmers.

As cities grow and farms diminish, the crisis of food sources rises. Essentially, small farmers will be suppressed by more prominent farming industries, leading to food monopolies. This allows food companies to increase prices since there is limited competition. An example of a food monopoly is California. California decided to become a major source for almonds. However, almonds require a lot of water which California does not contain. Therefore, there has been a drop in almond production, leading to increased prices for almonds. These consequences all stem from the changing environment.

There are ways communities are taking advantage of climate change. Russian winters were short this coming year, allowing Russian farmers to grow for a longer period of time. This immensely increased their harvest, and farmers were able to sell more food resources. However, even though there are positive ways to perceive climate change, the land is not accustomed to a variety of crops or growing for a long period of time. This could have negative long-term effects as the climate is not permanent.

To avoid such conflicts and stabilize the human population, climate change is an issue that needs to be carefully addressed and contemplated.


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  1. rogerwleblanc · March 28, 2016

    Sonam, you are very right that climate change is going to spur more migratory movement and human rights issues to follow. We will need to be very proactive in mitigating climate change impacts and helping climate refugees adapt to climate change. One of the many reasons that climate change is not an environmental issue alone, but a very human one.


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