Working at WYSE

A couple weeks ago, I received an email from the director of WYSE regarding an application that I had sent in earlier this year. The application was an application to become a Junior Faculty Adviser for WYSE. The director accepted me into the family.
As a J.F.A., I will be assisting the faculty group leader in carrying out day-to-day tasks during the conference. To come back to WYSE has been a dream of mine since the day I left two summers ago. Like I said in my previous post, WYSE had a profound effect on me, in the sense of where I want to go to college and where I want my life to go. My passion for the environment had never been stronger in my life than during WYSE. My dream is to bring same passion to the students that I will be working with.
As an intern for the Washington Scholars Program, it has been my honor to help with many admissions events here at Mason. I have had the opportunity of meeting wonderful bright people who are passionate about their quest for higher education. I have also had the pleasure of preparing for the summer conferences (Washington Youth Summit on the Environment and Washington Journalism and Media Conference). I ask that all of you will continue to be passionate about the things that you care most about.


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  1. rogerwleblanc · March 28, 2016

    Dominic – it’s great news to hear about your internship! Congratulations! I am pleased that you can continue to work with Richard Friesner as a mentor. We would like to hear a little more from you in future blog posts, as this post was too short.


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