Avengers, “The Savage Land”, and Sustainability

As everyone knows, I am a big Avengers fan. Over the summer, I was on Netflix watching Avengers Assemble, which was a cartoon show that capitalized on the success of The Avengers movie. It had a very interesting plotline and it divulged apart from the live-action movies. The show had 26 episodes in its first season, and there was one episode that stood out to me the most. It was called “Savages.”

In the episode, Captain America challenging Tony Stark/Iron Man to give up technology for 24 hours. Along with Falcon and Hawkeye, they travel to a place known as the “Savage Land,” where they will try to survive without any technology. Cap, Falcon, and Hawkeye seemed like they were fine without technology, but Tony was clearly struggling. However, they discovered that Justin Hammer, Stark’s rival, was on the land to dig up the vibranium that was in the mines of the land. Cap, Falcon, and Hawkeye were able to defend themselves briefly before being captured, while Stark used his intelligence to convince a pacifist group of rock people to help stop Hammer and rescue his friends. At the end of the episode, everyone has their access to technology back. However, since Tony lost the bet for not using technology for a whole day (he only lasted 96 minutes), he goes to have basic training lesson with Captain America.

This episode really shows how much mankind has evolved–we started off as people living in caves, cooking everything on a bonfire by using objects around them, to relying heavily on various technological innovations for survival. In the long-term, this is not good for our health. This episode proves that you CAN survive without technology–all you need is your natural ability.

Lastly, if you ever feel the need to rely on tech while you’re in danger during a camping trip here’s a quote from Captain America: “Don’t adapt to the situation, adapt the situation to fit you!”

Here’s the episode that you can watch for free (I promise this works!):

Avengers Assemble- Savages









  1. eryelli · April 22, 2016

    Really cool post, I love connecting sustainability posts/issues to TV shows I love. Especially ones I watch on netflix. And that is a great thing to do because TV captures what life is in the present and allows us as humans to reflect back on ourselves. Seeing superhero cartoons struggle without technology shows a lot about our world today. See as though most can compensate and survive without it is great, but there are people who are so dependent on technology now a days.

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  2. rogerwleblanc · May 2, 2016

    Aimee, thanks for your post. It reminds me of how we try to go technology free when we are out at Environmental Studies on the Piedmont or on the Florida trip. It’s really good for our well being every once and a while to do this to reconnect to nature.


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