so this is my first year at Mason and while I love the courses I am taking, my housing life here hasn’t been so great. So most to every weekend I have travelled back to my home town in Maryland to either work or see friends and family. And every since I got a new job down there I have been traveling back and almost everyday. I have felt really guilty about doing this because I know that driving back and forth is not the best for the environment. I have tried the metro and Mason bus shuttle service but I am freak when it comes to arriving on time and traveling alone via public transportation. So the metro doesn’t really work for me all to well. And I am writing this last blog post (forever most likely) not to find a solution to my problem but to try to identify with other commuters, since I will be commenting next year. For instance, if any knows some one who commutes, is it really wiser to take the metro to school (environment over academics) or should I continue on with a guilty mind. Is there a way to balance the two? I mean Mason is such a huge commuter school and yet I don’t often hear talk about commuting in an efficient green way. I thank the shuttles but who can rely on the metro to operate and get me where I am going on time. Has anyone else had to rely on public transportation to get to school and just how beneficial is it. Over all, I just wanted to express my concern about commuting next year because I feel like I have to make a choice and I can’t commit to any side. So if anyone has any information then please share it!.

Oh I also wanted to say thanks to everyone this semester, I have  learn so much from everyone in the classroom. I have never met a group of people so passionate about the environment ( and also so knowledgable). The class really opened my eyes and taught me to be more aware of staying green in my daily life!

sorry if this post makes absolutely no sense, I haven’t slept since January. Peace out.


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  1. andrewwingfield · May 5, 2016

    If Metro doesn’t work for you, consider carpooling. Mason supports student carpooling in various ways. Here is a link to learn more:


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