Earth Day Activities

As Earth Day approaches, we become more aware as to our purpose as environmentalists. Hopefully, those around us do, as well. As you all know, our fight is far from over. We still have progress to make in climate change and in other issues. There are many environmental activities going on around campus and the nation in preparation for this momentous occasion! One of which is taking place back home. In Marion, volunteers are going to work on cleaning up Downtown Marion in an effort to boost the image of our city! There is also a collection taking place for hazardous materials and electronic devices in Marion and Morrow Counties.

The highlight of the month’s activities is an event in which Kelsey, Roger, MacKenzie, and I have been working very diligently on since the beginning of the year. It is this Thursday, and is called “That’s A Rapp!”. This event is the culmination of every student’s hard work throughout the year as we draw to a close. We celebrate in our achievements, while also reminding everyone of the effects that Mason itself contributes toward environmental issues. This event is moreso gearing toward a general sustainability theme, while also incorporating aspects of other fields of sustainability, mostly energy conservation. I talk about this, because it is something that is very near and dear to my heart. I never thought that we would get to this point. I never thought that we would be ready. This event will feature a Kahoot! trivia session, documentary viewing, craft-making sessions, a relay race, item raffles, and so much more!

As Earth Day quickly approaches, let us continue to spread our message of sustainable lifestyles and inspire others to live as we do. It is our time! We will change the world with our continued efforts! Events like these have been known to change lives! Let us continue to do so! May God bless you all!




  1. nicoleahedgepeth · April 26, 2016

    I agree that is really important to make other people aware of how important these issues are


  2. andrewwingfield · May 5, 2016

    Love to see your passion, Dominic! That’s what we need!


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