Improving Renweable Energy

This past Saturday Anthony and I took a trip to the DC National Cherry Blossom Festival. While in DC we visitited the Botanic Gardens. Outside the botanic Gardens was a wind spiral.

Wind spirals produce electricity like a wind turbine, but are much smaller and quieter. They are small enough to compact many into smaller areas and not affect bird and bat migration routes as wind turbines do. This could greatly improve the gathering of wind energy.

Currently wind turbines create great problems for birds and bats. They are so large that they create areas of great pressure that turn the internal oragans of animals that fly through them to a jelleton substance. They are also an eyesore. The smaller wind spiral would improve both of thee issue caused by the turbines.



  1. jwatkin7 · April 26, 2016


    I think this is a really good point regarding wind turbines. Not only are they sometimes considered an eyesore, but they are a hazard to avian wildlife. I’m interested in how the wind spiral works and how they compare to wind turbines in terms of energy efficiency!


  2. andrewwingfield · May 5, 2016

    Ditto what Julie said in her comment. Are there any industrial-sized wind spirals in operation currently so that we can compare their output and efficiency to windmillsz


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