Sustainability in the Media

This last Friday, I went to go see The Jungle Book. Before you ask, yes, it was a good movie and, yes, you should probably see it. I also had the pleasure of watching all the previews before the actual movie. As most of the floor knows, I really love pangolins, an endangered animal which looks like a cross between an armadillo and an anteater. Pangolins are going extinct, mostly from disproportionate human consumption in India and China. However, in an upcoming movie which I saw the advertisement for in The Jungle Book preview, (I believe it to be called Wild Thing) a pangolin stars as one of the main characters. Further, even in The Jungle Book, there is about a five minute scene which features a pangolin. Why are Pangolins in the media a big deal? It marks the beginning of media deciding that this-endangered species, sustainability, the world we live in today-is an important topic. Important enough that they are now forcing a low-key interest on the subject by having it appear in minor roles in the media. A five minute scene is a notable step down from Avatar which seemed to be a 4 hour reminder of how callous we are to the environment. However,  Avatar was created with the adult audience in mind. The new Jungle Book, due to its high suspense and graphic nature, has an audience base of preteens and teenagers. Yet, Wild Thing, that’s aiming straight at the youngsters. Just like in other major films such as Walle, this is a big deal because we are now forcing children into the conversation of how we are going to treat the environment for years to come. Question is: Is it too late for our kids to fix our mistakes?



  1. Joshua Stickles · April 26, 2016

    UGH I love this!!!! The way that some of the movies that are dealing with the environment has progressed. Directors and writers will put these Easter Eggs into their films (like environmental extras) to get their point across. This is seen in the movie Avatar like you mentioned, they made it beautiful and told the story about why it needs to be protected. In regards to your question, I think that kids are the way of fixing things for the future but it won’t be as effective unless it is put out there a lot more.


  2. andrewwingfield · May 5, 2016

    Kids are, of course, critical to future sustainability efforts. It’s important to have them bond with the natural world directly in addition to watching movies about animals.


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