Trendy Recycling

With the warm weather upon us, it’s time to put the long johns and wooly sweaters away. It’s time to replace the winter layers with shorts, sleeveless tops, and open toes. Maybe even add a couple additions to your wardrobe…consignment style.

This season you may be going through your closet and realize some of those shorts just don’t fit you the way they did last season. Remember that these clothes are still valuable and someone else could probably fit into them in the mean time!! Especially as a college student you could make a bit of cash off of your old clothing, or write it off on your taxes by donating to the GoodWill. There is more than one way to lessen your ecological footprint, so let’s be smart and really start reusing more than just silverware and cups.

Not only can you find valuable clothing at a consignment shop, but you can also find items for your household (or dorm) that you may really like to put to use. While I was home on Spring break I decided to venture to some local consignment shops to see what they really had to offer. I was excited to see that there was a whole world of items that were available at a cheaper price! Not only just clothing, but mugs, desks, chairs, bookshelves, BOOKS. Honestly you name it, and you will definitely find it.

So with Spring cleaning in full swing, remember to consider taking some items down to your local consignment shops. They will be more than thankful for it, and so will the next person purchasing.

Keep in mind that everything old is new again.

Here are a couple of local places just so I can get you all started on your consigning journey’s…

Fairfax Locations:

Chic Envy Consignment

Inova Fair Oaks Thrift Shop

Second Chance 1 Thrift Store

Consignment Boutique




One comment

  1. andrewwingfield · May 5, 2016

    Do you know the Macklemore song Thrift Shop? That was the song the sustainability crew danced to when they did the first flashmob ever. I still think it’s the most perfect song for a sustainability flashmob.


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