Orcas- Not cute and cuddly! (I’m posting this for fun)

The media is practically taken over by anti-SeaWorld activists. People are saying that SeaWorld is keeping Orcas from experiencing the wild and Orcas are dying thanks to SeaWorld. The opposite of the second argument could not be more true! While I do not and never will condone the abuse of orcas in captivity, I will have to make this clear: Orcas are doing incredibly well when it comes to their stable population. In fact, they are overpopulating many areas of the ocean.

Also keep in mind that Orcas are savage apex predators. Their population is increasing tremendously, to the point that animals they prey on are being wiped out by them. In April 2016 alone, one Whale watching agency in Monterey witnessed (key word here is witnessed; there were definitely more that were not recorded) five separate predations on Gray whale calves from orcas, during which the calves were ripped apart right in front of their mothers, as well as well over a dozen predations on California sea lions and Northern elephant seals. The quantity of incidents like this has never been seen in the past thirty years, and is alarming to say the least. Furthermore, Gray whales and Sea lions are not the only animals being wiped out by Orcas. Across the arctic, Narwhals are being slaughtered in the hundreds by Orcas, and are now on the endangered species list primarily because of Orcas.

What can we do to stop the orcas? I have no direct solution, but there is an indirect solution: We should stop treating orcas in the media like they are in danger of extinction and are innocent creatures that wouldn’t harm a fly. We should call them what they are: Savage predators that are taking advantage of their population spike.


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